Advantages of the SWU TEFL Program

The primary advantage of SWU TEFL is that it is a practical program, designed to prepare you in every way for your first teaching job in Thailand. As a full service English teacher training program for Thailand, we offer:

• Intensive training in teaching English and what you can expect working at a Thai school. This includes instruction in the Thai educational system, a full working knowledge of English grammar, how to plan lessons and evaluate classes, specific problems Thai students encounter, training with the use of all common materials (including multi-media), experience designing activities and English camps, and real training within a Thai school under the guidance of a mentor.

• Field trips, observed teaching practice with real university students, and other hands on activities designed to give you experience teaching students of all levels before you begin your first job.

• Full support as a new teacher residing in Thailand for the first time, This includes airport pickup, free meals, assistance with accommodation, Bangkok sky-train passes, help acquiring a Thai mobile phone and bank account, motorcycle rental, visa and paperwork support, and a guaranteed full-time job at full market wages.

• Professional instruction in Thai language and culture as part of an accredited program required for foreign teachers working in Thai schools.

• Personal feedback and advice from experienced foreign teachers, who will do their best to help you solve any problem you might encounter inside or outside of the classroom.

• Exposure to the full range of Thai academics, so you can choose a school that is right for you to continue developing as a teacher after you graduate the course.

• A complete packet of resources and information to help you get started right away. We will provide you with a phonetic Thai-English reference guide, bus and sky-train maps, a large collection of professional quality worksheets in both English and English with Thai directions, a complete guide to the city of Bangkok and Thai customs, a full TEFL course manual with all you need to continue your development, and numerous resources and activities that you can use to design your own classes once you are comfortable doing so.

• Continuing support throughout your first job, so that you will always have friends and allies to help you through your new teaching career!

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