One of the most important qualities for a new teacher, other than an open mind and a positive attitude, is a full grasp of lesson planning and preparation. As an ESL teacher in Thailand, you will also need guidance in navigating the day to day challenges of living in a foreign country. While our staff is always ready to support you through whatever you may encounter, we will also give you every tool you need to enjoy your new environment and move easily into your new career. Being a teacher is a tremendously rewarding and creative job, but it always helps to have the resources to walk into a new class prepared with activities, worksheets, and lessons which you can modify or expand at will. As part of the SWU TEFL package, we will provide the following cultural and academic resources:

• A TEFL course manual that explains the process of teaching English as a foreign language and gives you a basic academic background in education, as well as a number of resources, tips, and activities for getting the most out of your TEFL experience.

• A “survival guide” to Bangkok and Thailand, providing you with all of the key information you will need to live here. The guide contains bus and train routes throughout Bangkok and Thailand, BTS sky-train passes, a price guide to help you negotiate fair value for everything you buy, information on how to obtain any common goods and services you may need (health care, Thai sim cards for your telephone, internet access, and much more!). information on all major attractions and neighborhoods in Bangkok, basic information on each region of Thailand and the costs of living there, and the answers to most common questions regarding Thai customs and culture in plain English.

• A teaching resource kit that gives you a complete set of worksheets in both English and English and Thai, suitable for any level. This kit also contains flash cards for younger students, a complete list of games and activities for students of different ages and levels, and a comprehensive guide on how to find additional resources on the internet.

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